United States Phonograph Company Catalog 1894

Title: United States Phonograph Company Catalog 1894
Author(s): x
Publisher: United States Phonograph Co.
Location Of Publisher: Newark, NJ, United States
Yearpub: 1894
Language: English
Annotation: Listing of all the available cylinder recordings by the United States Phonograph Co. as of 1894. The United States Phonograph Co. was founded by Victor Emerson in the Spring of 1893 and soon became one of the leading recording companies by 1895. 113 pages.
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Type: 2
Format: PDF, Article
Type: Record label catalog

“…. im Stande, jedes Quantum sofort zu liefern”. Die Lyrophonwerke Adolf Lieban, Teil 2 (1907-1915)

Annotation: Illustrated company history and labelography
Author(s):  Gunrem, Michael; Lotz, Rainer E.
Publisher:  Deutscher Grammophonclub e.V.
Publication Year: 2010
Journal Title and Issue: Der Schalltrichter, vol. 22, no. 36
ISBN: ISSN 1619-1951
Format: Article
Language: Deutsch (German)
Type: Label, Other
Availability/Digital version:  Not Available (Out of print)