Victor and Bluebird Popular Record Catalog

Title: Victor and Bluebird Popular Record Catalog
Author(s): x
Publisher: Radio Corporation of America
Location Of Publisher: Camden, NJ
Yearpub: 1942
Language: English
Annotation: Listing of the Victor and Bluebird records available for purchase in 1942
Availability: Not AvailableNot Available
Type: 2
Format: Other
Type: Record label catalog

“…. im Stande, jedes Quantum sofort zu liefern”. Die Lyrophonwerke Adolf Lieban, Teil 2 (1907-1915)

Annotation: Illustrated company history and labelography
Author(s):  Gunrem, Michael; Lotz, Rainer E.
Publisher:  Deutscher Grammophonclub e.V.
Publication Year: 2010
Journal Title and Issue: Der Schalltrichter, vol. 22, no. 36
ISBN: ISSN 1619-1951
Format: Article
Language: Deutsch (German)
Type: Label, Other
Availability/Digital version:  Not Available (Out of print)