A Discography of the Harvard Vocarium

Title: A Discography of the Harvard Vocarium
Journal: Harvard Library Bulletin (New Series), vol. 15, nos. 3-4,
Author(s): Packard, Josephine
Publisher: Harvard University Library
Location Of Publisher: Cambridge, MA
Yearpub: Fall-Winter 2004
Language: English
Annotation: The Harvard Vocarium label (1933-1955) was founded by professor Frederick C. Packard, Jr. to provide “a collection of voice recordings for use as a study aid in the appreciation of literature.” Its initial recording featured T.S. Eliot, who was Charles Eliot Norton lecturer at Harvard in 1932-33. The Vocarium was one of the first recording labels of its kind, producing early recordings by many other poets including W. H. Auden, Elizabeth Bishop, Brother Antonius, Randall Jarrell, Weldon Kees, Denise Levertov, Robert Lowell, Louis MacNeice, Marianne Moore, Anais Nin, Ezra Pound, John Crowe Ransom, Theodore Roethke, Muriel Rukeyser, May Sarton, Stephen Spender, Robert Penn Warren, and Tennessee Williams.
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Type: Label
Format: Article

“…. im Stande, jedes Quantum sofort zu liefern”. Die Lyrophonwerke Adolf Lieban, Teil 2 (1907-1915)

Annotation: Illustrated company history and labelography
Author(s):  Gunrem, Michael; Lotz, Rainer E.
Publisher:  Deutscher Grammophonclub e.V.
Publication Year: 2010
Journal Title and Issue: Der Schalltrichter, vol. 22, no. 36
ISBN: ISSN 1619-1951
Format: Article
Language: Deutsch (German)
Type: Label, Other
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