Title: Aerona
Author(s): Badrock, Arthur, Thomas, Michael, Hanna, Cliff
Yearpub: Last updated: January 08, 2016
Language: English
Annotation: "A 7" disc manufactured by Crystalate in England for export to Australia. They were available from about 1925 to 1927, and used English masters recorded in London. All were recorded acoustically." Page belongs to Michael Thomas.
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Type: Label, National
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“…. im Stande, jedes Quantum sofort zu liefern”. Die Lyrophonwerke Adolf Lieban, Teil 2 (1907-1915)

Annotation: Illustrated company history and labelography
Author(s):  Gunrem, Michael; Lotz, Rainer E.
Publisher:  Deutscher Grammophonclub e.V.
Publication Year: 2010
Journal Title and Issue: Der Schalltrichter, vol. 22, no. 36
ISBN: ISSN 1619-1951
Format: Article
Language: Deutsch (German)
Type: Label, Other
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