Title: Adelphi
Author(s): Badrock, Arthur, Morphew, John, Paget, Steve and Norman Field
Yearpub: Last updated: July 03, 2016
Language: English
Annotation: "This extremely rare British label is also one I know little about, other than it is from the Vocalion stable like Beltona, Guardsman, etc. It may have been produced for export only, judging by the rarity. Label scan kindly supplied by Richard Johnson, from an original record belonging to Steve Paget." Page belongs to Michael Thomas.
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Type: Label, National
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“…. im Stande, jedes Quantum sofort zu liefern”. Die Lyrophonwerke Adolf Lieban, Teil 2 (1907-1915)

Annotation: Illustrated company history and labelography
Author(s):  Gunrem, Michael; Lotz, Rainer E.
Publisher:  Deutscher Grammophonclub e.V.
Publication Year: 2010
Journal Title and Issue: Der Schalltrichter, vol. 22, no. 36
ISBN: ISSN 1619-1951
Format: Article
Language: Deutsch (German)
Type: Label, Other
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