International Bibliography of Discographies

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The International Bibliography of Discographies (IBD) is a searchable e-resource containing entries for current and historical works of discography. The focus is on commercial published recordings, but discographies of unpublished recordings, transcription discs and field recordings are also included in the bibliography. In the database you will find label, artist, genre and national discographies in multiple languages and formats (books, articles, CD-ROMs, PDFs, websites & databases). We have also included, when available, unpublished work in progress. Each entry in the IBD corresponds to one work of discography, whether originally a print journal article or a large online database.

In addition to discographies, we have chosen to incorporate two other types of sources into the database, given their value for record research:

  • record company catalogs
  • periodicals known to include discographies

The brief display for each entry includes title, author, publication date and a note about the work’s availability (or a link to a fully digitized version). Brief entries link to more detailed information and an annotation for each item. To assist researchers, we have created a Digital Discography Collection at the Internet Archive to host discographies that contributors or members of our team have digitized as part of the project. When an entry has a corresponding digital version in this collection, it will have the following logo:

Key to entries:

  Discographies            Record company catalogs             Periodicals

Submit entries to the IBD using the form on our home page. New entries will be reviewed by our editorial team & posted within two weeks.

*The IBD was created in 2017 by the Discography Committee of the International Association of Sound and Audiovisual Archives (IASA). It is now a collaborative project with individual and institutional contributors around the world. Our work has been supported by IASA, Harvard University and the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic (DKRVO 2018/47, National Museum, 00023272).

Number of records in the database: 1184
  • All types
  • discography
  • periodical
  • record catalog
Title Author(s) Publication Year Availability/Digital version
A Discography of Rhythm & Blues and Rock & Roll, circa 1946-1964 Leichter, Albert 1975Available at the Klaus-Kuhnke-Archiv für Populäre Musik,
A discography of Soviet wildlife sound Boswall, Jeffery1979Available at the British Library
A Discography of the Harvard Vocarium Packard, JosephineFall-Winter
A Discography of Ward Pinkett McCarthy, Albert J. March 1949Not Available
A Fonotipia fragmentia Andrews, Frank2002Not Available
A global discography of mammal sound Kettle, Ron, Boswall, Jeffery1977Available at the British Library
A Gregorian chant discography Weber, Jerome F.1990Out-of-print but used copies sometimes available
A handbook of film, theater, and television music on record, 1948-1969 Smolian, Steven 1970Not Available (out-of-print)
A history of marketing of sound recordings in Britain,1890-1903 Andrews, Frank2012Available for Purchase
A Chronologic Jan Peerce Discography 1931-1982 Pinta, Emil 
A Scottish Vernacular Discography, 1888-1960 Dean-Myatt, Bill 2013Available for purchase from the City of London Phonograph & Gramophone Society Ltd. website:
A Solomon Discography Gray, Michael
A supplement to a catalogue of tape and gramophone records of Australasian bird sound Boswall, Jeffery, Kettle, Ron1975Available at the British Library
Acme Record Rainer E.
ACO Badrock, Arthur, Andrews, Frank, Jones, MikeLast updated: July 03,
Additions to a discography of Soviet wildlife sound Boswall, Jeffery, Dickson, Wendy1982Available at the British Library
Additions to the Nearctic bird sound discography Hanna, David G.1979Available at the British Library
Adelphi Badrock, Arthur, Morphew, John, Paget, Steve and Norman FieldLast updated: July 03,
Aerona Badrock, Arthur, Thomas, Michael, Hanna, CliffLast updated: January 08,
African music and oral data: a catalog of field recordings, 1902-1975 Stone, Ruth M. , Gillis, Frank J. 1976Out-of-print but used copies sometimes available
African music on LP: an annotated discography Merriam, Alan P.1970Not Available
Afro-Cuban and Latin music on 78 rpm records Brand, Peter, Otto, Helmut2007One CD-ROM is 10€ and two/three CD-ROMs are 20€, including handling and shipping. Can be ordered at
Afro-Cuban and Latin music on CD Brand, Peter, Otto, Helmut2015One CD-ROM is 10€ and two/three CD-ROMs are 20€, including handling and shipping. Can be ordered at
Afro-Cuban and Latin music on LP Brand, Peter, Otto, Helmut2015One CD-ROM is 10€ and two/three CD-ROMs are 20€, including handling and shipping. Can be ordered at
After Beat 1970-
Aga Badrock, ArthurLast updated: January 08,
Ajax Records Bryant, William R., Record Research Associates, Sutton, Alan2013Available for Purchase
Aksel Schiøtz Tenor / Baryton Aagaard, René, Christiansen, Tina, Bang Andersen,
Albert Vaguet Tenor de l’Opéra Aagaard, René
Alberta Hunter Discography Stewart-Baxter, Derrick , Davies, Ron December, 1948Not Available
Albion Andrews, Frank, Atkins, Mike, Butler, GregLast updated: January 08,
Album Discographies Callahan, Mike, Edwards, David, Eyries, Patrice1997 to
Alex Hyde Horst J. P. Bergmeier, Rainer E. Lotz1985Available for Purchase
Alexander Thomas, Michael, Andrews, Frank, Atkins, MikeLast updated: January 08,
Alley Music: Autralia's Blues Magazine 1967?-
Alternate Bing Crosby: the book of "alternate" Bing Crosby takes Pugh, Colin 1988Not Available (out-of-print)
American 78s – The Last Year xJanuary
American Berliners in the Giovannoni Collection - April 2018 Giovannoni, DavidApril
American celebrity recordings, 1900-1925 Morton Moses, Julian 1993Available for Purchase
American folksongs of protest Greenway, John1953Softcover on demand version reprinted by ReInk Books, 2017 (India). Available from sellers on AbeBooks (Sept., 2017)
American music recordings: a discography of 20th century U.S. composers Oja, Carol J. 1982Out-of-print but used copies sometimes available
American Record Company, Hawthorne & Sheble and International Record Co Bryant, William R., Sutton, Alan2015Available for Purchase
American Record Guide
American Record Labels and Companies Sutton, Allan & Nauck, Kurt 2000Available at the Klaus-Kuhnke-Archiv für Populäre Musik,
American Stage Performers Discography, 1891-1932 Sutton, Alan2007Available for Purchase
American String Teacher
American Talking Machine Company Catalog xDecember 
Anders And - Plader Aagaard, René
Andre Kostelanetz on Records and on the Air North, James2011Available for purchase
Anna Madsen Alt – Contralt Skuespillerinde Aagaard, René