International Bibliography of Discographies

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The International Bibliography of Discographies (IBD) is a searchable e-resource containing entries for current and historical works of discography. The focus is on commercial published recordings, but discographies of unpublished recordings, transcription discs and field recordings are also included in the bibliography. In the database you will find label, artist, genre and national discographies in multiple languages and formats (books, articles, CD-ROMs, PDFs, websites & databases). We have also included, when available, unpublished work in progress. Each entry in the IBD corresponds to one work of discography, whether originally a print journal article or a large online database.

In addition to discographies, we have chosen to incorporate two other types of sources into the database, given their value for record research:

  • record company catalogs
  • periodicals known to include discographies

The brief display for each entry includes title, author, publication date and a note about the work’s availability (or a link to a fully digitized version). Brief entries link to more detailed information and an annotation for each item. To assist researchers, we have created a Digital Discography Collection at the Internet Archive to host discographies that contributors or members of our team have digitized as part of the project. When an entry has a corresponding digital version in this collection, it will have the following logo:

Key to entries:

  Discographies            Record company catalogs             Periodicals

Submit entries to the IBD using the form on our home page. New entries will be reviewed by our editorial team & posted within two weeks.

*The IBD was created in 2017 by the Discography Committee of the International Association of Sound and Audiovisual Archives (IASA). It is now a collaborative project with individual and institutional contributors around the world. Our work has been supported by IASA, Harvard University and the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic (DKRVO 2018/47, National Museum, 00023272).

Number of records in the database: 1184
  • All types
  • discography
  • periodical
  • record catalog
Title Author(s) Publication Year Availability/Digital version
Disques Pathé à saphir inusable x1927Not Available
Répertoire des disques Pathé x1926Not Available
Catalogue Général des Disques La Voix de son Maître x1931Not Available
Catalogue des Disques Gramophone La Voix de son Maître x1938Not Available
Katalog muzičkih izdanja djela članova Udruženja kompozitora Bosne i Hercegovine x1970Not Available (out-of-print)
Foreign languages on records - Jugoton x1963Not Available (out-of-print)
Jugoton - Govorna izdanja xPresumaby 1977Not Available (out-of-print)
Jugoton - Katalog muzičkih kazeta 1 xPresumably 1974Not Available (out-of-print)
Jugoton - Katalog muzičkih kazeta 2 xPresumably 1974Not Available (out-of-print)
Catalogue of Records = Katalog ozbiljne muzike 1971 x1971Not Available (out-of-print)
Pjesme borbe, revolucije i rodoljublja u izdanjima "Jugotona" xPresumably 1979Not Available (out-of-print)
La musique et les musiciens Croates en disques xUnknownNot Available (out-of-print)
Katalog: Ploče - Kazete x1977Not Available (out-of-print)
Katalog: Ploče - Kazete x1978Not Available (out-of-print)
Katalog gramofonskih ploca 1 van Beeld en Geluid x1997 -
New Victor Records July 1917 xJuly 1917Not Available
New Victor Records September 1917 xSeptember 1917Not Available
Victor Records 1923 x1922Not Available
Catalogue of Musical Phonograms for the Phonograph xJanuary
Price List of Supplies for Phonograph F.O.B. for Edison Phonograph Works, Orange, NJ xMay 26,
New Recordings Made by the North American Phonograph Co. xDecember 1,
Djeco, Jugoton vam priča i pjeva... 
New Jersey Phonograph Company 1892 Catalog 
Ohio Phonograph Company Catalog 1894 
Price List of Musical Records, Etc. For Sale by the Louisiana Phonograph Company, Ltd. xJune 
The New Jersey Phonograph Co. Catalog (mid-1891) xJune 
New Victor Records November 1922 xOctober 1922Not Available
British Capitol 78 & 45 rpm Singles & EP Catalogue, 1948-1955 xJanuary
British RCA Victor Complete 78 & 45 rpm Singles Catalogue, 1957-1970 x1970Available for Purchase